If you're a parent navigating the MAP (media and parents) world, I'd love to teach you about social media and how to use it. Pros and cons, safety features and more are huge aspects of raising a teen that you should know. I'd love to tell you more!


Hearts & Rockets

Have you ever felt lonely? Fearful? Excited? Joyful? When found on an emotional roller coaster in life, what do you do? During Ainsley's journey from Louisiana to Nashville, she was presented with a new experience that place her on quite a roller coaster. Chronicling life's ups and downs as it relates to walking with Jesus, blogging became an outlet and thus, this book. Take it with you on your next adventure for strength, encouragement and someone to relate to. Don't be afraid to adventure with Jesus!



Upcoming Events:

- NEXT at The Bayou Church 


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- Youth Wednesday at First Baptist Church Lafayette

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