Through video, media and public speaking, I spread awareness and prevention of negative self talk while promoting positive perspective and self-love. I believe the root of ALL life controlling issues is a LIE. ("I'm not good enough, not smart enough," etc.) By learning helpful ways to actively incorporate self love and encouraging others as well, we can end bullying, self harm, eating disorders, etc.

Adventure with me and let's be broken, beautiful, loving and UNVEILED.


In my research, experience and creation of, I realized how incredibly desperate our society is for self love and understanding our self worth. 

Allow me to bring awareness and activities to your school, church, group, event, conference, etc. and let's make a difference in our own lives, so we may pour out into others' as well.

I was praying recently and asked God to show me one specific characteristic in myself that is specific to my purpose with Unveiled. He said, "thoughtfulness." I didn't fully grasp it until I realized that I can be thoughtful towards everyone but if I'm not being thoughtful and caring of myself and my heart, then it's void. May everything we do be done in love, right? How will we do this is if we aren't loving ourselves?

Media, videos, activities and question and answer sessions have proven to be entertaining and effective in my approach to public speaking. Let's make a difference, together. Adventure with me. 

Check out Ainsley's Demo Reel for a glimpse into the experience of her bringing to YOU!

AGD at Belmont University invited ainsley to speak and have a workshop which was incredible!!Ā 

AGD at Belmont University invited ainsley to speak and have a workshop which was incredible!! 


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Belmont University

Vanderbilt University

Westminster Christian Academy

Ensworth High School

Hearts of Hope

Phi Mu Fraternity

Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority

Eating Disorders Coalition of Tennessee

OTE Crossfit