Ainsley is a dream champion for the next generation, empowering young adults to adventure with Jesus and embrace a fierce self love. She began speaking the same year she started the 501c3, Unveiled Campaign. With a communications degree in Mass Communications from Belmont University and extensive training with Josh Shipp, SheSpeaks and more, she hopes to reach young adults and their parents to bridge the gap of communication and spur them on to healthy, God-filled relationships. From hopping around the country, living in Louisiana, Tennessee, New York and currently Texas, she and her husband are professional movers who love donuts and catching a flight for their next adventure. She’s currently working on her second book and would love to connect with you! Also she wants you to know she’s an Enneagram 2w3.


For Teens:

  • Unveiling the lies we believe about ourselves to create self awareness and increase self confidence

For Parents of Teens:

  • Media and Parents is a parent’s guide to navigating social media so you know what goes on behind the screens of your teens. In this talk, we will go over what you need to know about social media including acronyms, hashtags and how you can take action without smothering them.

For Women:

  • In constant pursuit of Christ

 AGD at Belmont University invited me to speak and have a workshop which was incredible!!

AGD at Belmont University invited me to speak and have a workshop which was incredible!!

Her passion for freeing people from the lies they imprison themselves in is beyond inspiring. It doesn’t just leave you impressed, it leaves you wanting to join her in the fight.
— Kailey Dickerson
We live in world filled with lies. That is the first lie we learn. Ainsley Britain is called to lead people into a world filled with truth. When she speaks, the whole room listens. Ainsley is passionate, creative, and she is next person you need to know. -Abe Haley, Speaker, Blogger, Student Pastor

Upcoming Events:

- Survivor’s Conference at The Bayou Church


Previous Events:

- NEXT at The Bayou Church 

Put On Your War Paint at First Baptist Church

- Youth Sunday at The Bayou Church

- Youth Sunday at Ecclesia, Houston

- Youth Wednesday at The Bayou Church

- Guest Blog for Daniel Maddry

- Guest Blog for Abe Haley

-  Hearts and Rockets Filming in New York City

- Unveiled at Belmont Univeristy

- Unveiled at Vanderbilt University

- Unveiled for Phi Mu Belmont

- Unveiled at Ensworth High School

- Unveiled for AGD at Belmont

- Unveiled at Model for a Miracle

- Unveiled at Hearts of Hope

- Unveiled at Westminster Christian Academy

- Guest on the Chris Burkmenn Experience

- Unveiled at The Waverly Project 

- Unveiled at the Eating Disorder Coalition of Tennessee