Cutie Little Charleston

Last week we took a little celebration trip to Charleston, SC. It's the beginning of a new chapter for the Glenns (career-wise, nothing else everyone calm down) and Justin is a master trip planner, so why not!? We were there for 5 days in the most relaxing city I've ever been in. Cutie little Charleston. This city is rich with history and gorgeous, green trees that stole my heart away. *all pics at the end of post*

We flew in on Sunday & checked into our hotel, the Grand Bohemian. Yall, this place was so cool. It's an art museum and hotel in the perfect location right by King St. I definitely recommend it! We bopped around the area, walked up and down King St. to check out the shopping scene & took a carriage ride to hear some history of the city. It felt similar to the French Quarter in NOLA, so I felt right at home. We ended our evening with fried chicken and seafood at Leon's. Love the vibe in this place and we both tried chargrilled oysters, which were actually pretty good! Neither of us are oyster fans, so that was a nice surprise.

As my love for greenery and beautiful trees goes, we had to stop by Angel Oak on Monday. Justin probably felt small for the first time in his life. It's a beautiful ~400 year old tree that is huuuuuge. Justin was really excited to be near a beach for the first time in a while, so our next stop was Kiawah Island. It was too windy to play on the beach, but we ate at the Ryder Cup Bar and enjoyed the beautiful view of the golf course meeting the sand. It was a bit of a drive, but the Crispy Shrimp was absolutely worth it. SO GOOD. When we left there we stopped in a few cutie antique shops and dreamt of a day when we could decorate a house with old and new furnishings. We got some afternoon refuel at The Daily per our friend's recommendation (check out Elaine's AMAZING lifestyle blog, HERE) and popped into The Port Mercantile at the Restoration Hotel. It's SUPER cute and reminded me of my dear White's Mercantile in Nashville.

One of the best parts of this vacation was that we napped every day. Heaven, I tell ya. The other best part? Xiao Bao Biscuits. Go hungry and get the cabbage pancake and duck something (sorry, I can't remember the name). Seriously. This food was incredible and coming from someone who is from Louisiana and lived in Nashville, that says a lot! 

Two things we do in every city we visit: 1. Get a magnet 2. Find the best donuts. There were a few places we researched, but one was mentioned multiple times, so we landed at Glazed first thing on Tuesday. When we went in, I had low expectations because, well, I have my preferred donut spots. However, Justin got the pistachio donut and it was delicious! It tasted like the perfect moist, cake donut and I'm not even a huge fan of pistachio but I recommend it for sure! We wanted to get some more history under our belt since we mainly have just been eating through the city, so we went to Boone Hall.  We learned more about the Gullah culture and the reality of slavery - take your time here to feel the gravity of this history. After a few hours there, we sought another beach on Sullivan's Island. The cutest restaurant greeted us & we ate at The Obstinate Daughter. Such a cute restaurant & you can walk to the beach from it! The wind got the best of us at the beach again, so we headed back downtown where we hung out by the water at sunset & enjoyed the breezy weather and walked around Rainbow Row. We decided that the city wasn't actually real and we were on a movie set because it was too perfect, not a single piece of litter in sight.

Wednesday brunch was at Hominy Grill - you just can't go wrong here - and then we rented bikes to ride around the city. This day was probably my favorite because we didn't have any plans really. We just rolled with the punches. We enjoyed the scenery on bikes that we rented for $7/hour and when lunch rolled around we stopped by Goat.Sheep.Cow to pick up some cheeses, wine, etc. & picnicked in Battery Park. I HIGHLY recommend doing this. It was so fun, relaxing and just delicious! (Thank you Katelyn for the recommendation!) After we went back to the hotel and cleaned up a little, we went to a BYOB candle making class at Candlefish! This is a MUST DO. We had so much fun and got to take home 2 candles each! Rachel was our Chandler & she did a great job teaching us! Candle making works up an appetite and we hadn't stopped talking about Xiao Bao Biscuit since we left, so... we went back. It was still amazing. I want it right now actually. 

Departure day came quick and without warning. Thursday morning, The Park Cafe . All I have to say is get their Mint & Mocha coffee creation. It is delicioussss!!!! Perfect morning treat. We only had time for a few more stops, so to Folly Beach we went! Warm & windy is the Charleston way. We hung out on a pier until we had to head to the airport and kiss our sweet little vacation goodbye. Charleston is super cute and I recommend it for a 2-3 day visit. Have you been? What did you do & where did you go?

Hearts & Rockets,