Eating Healthy on a budget!

One topic I rarely cover, but is important to me is eating healthy on a budget (ehem, college girls, listen up) The biggest thing I learned about eating healthy on a budget is to shop the perimeter of the store. This is generally where the fruits and veggies are along with your sandwich meats, dairy, etc.

Pinterest has every recipe you could ever need so find those healthy things you like and recreate them! I wish I would’ve spent more time cooking in college. Getchu a skillet and a slow cooker and get to cookin! My favorite go-to are fajitas and they are always pretty cheap. Get some red and green bell peppers, chicken and a delicious seasoning. (I either use taco seasoning or Cumin, Garlic, Salt, Pepper & Tony’s) Grill it all up and separate into containers. I normally can make about 3 meals within $10 and it’s delish!

Also, avocado toast with an egg is a great go-to breakfast!