Adjusting to a new place/city!

Yeah you could say I'm a pro at this. Why? Because I have moved 8 times in 9 years and have had to adjust to 4 cities in that time frame. I don't keep still for very long, so here are the things I've learned over the years! 

1. Don't be afraid to go solo. I know it feels weird to sit in a movie theater alone, but trust me, you need to get out and do things on your own. Go eat dinner alone, attend a church service alone. You literally never know who you'll run into or meet. When I first moved to Nashville I went to so many places and events alone, I felt like such a loser but I ended up making friends and I still keep in touch with many of them! People would always say, "You came here alone? That's actually really cool & brave." 

2. Become the complement QUEEN! What does this mean? Well, when you receive a genuine complement, it feels good right? You don't want to throw water in the face & run away from the person who paid you the complement, you often end up engaging in a real conversation with them! So, as you're standing in line for your groceries or shopping at a boutique. Find things you like about people and TELL THEM. 

3. Join groups or hop on the Bumble App for BFFS! Small groups, adventure groups, meet up groups, whatever! I joined about 3 when I moved to Nashville and ended up White Water Rafting, painting with a twist, etc. all because I said, "YES" to new things. As painful as it can be, saying yes to meeting new people when you really want to Netflix & ice cream is going to be rewarding in the end. 

4. Explore. Just drive around, walk through neighborhoods, soak in your new city! Make an effort to understand the culture you've inserted yourself in and see how you can contribute!

5. Spend your spare time with Jesus. The closer you are with the Lord, the easier the adjustment because you won't feel SO alone. I used to sit by my fireplace and spend hours in the Bible and in various devotionals connecting with God. 

6. This leads me to my last point. Read Hearts & Rockets!! It's all experiences through change and what I learned about the Lord. Keep it close and a friendly voice walking with you. <3