Not your tourist's Nashvegas

Some of my most treasured memories happened in Nashville, TN. I moved there after my freshman year of college and finished my degree at Belmont University. Over the years I lived there, I met actual angels I now call friends, discovered who I was as a person through high highs and low lows and so much more. My recommendations are a bit scattered, not laid out in a "3 day plan" rather in a way that is my personal compilation of the best of the best, places I frequented or have fallen in love with since moving and re-visiting. This is NOT for someone who wants to wear cowboy boots at the Grand Ole Opry. I'm so not against that at all, it's just not what I'm into, so my blog will be my absolute favorite things for those of you who ask me (at least once per month) what there is to do in Nashville. Please kiss the ground for me XOXO! Side note, I’ll add when I think of things, I just have to get something written down for my people going this summer! 



  • Biscuit Love

  • Frothy Monkey

  • Fenwick’s (my faveeeeee)
  • Barista Parlour 
  • Franklin Juice for an acai bowl
  • The Sutler's bluegrass brunch


  • Burger Up
  • Martin’s BBQ
  • Hattie B’s for Nash’s signature Hot Chicken
  • Bartaco


  • Butcher & Bee (get the whipped feta. You’re welcome)

  • Two Ten Jack (MUST)

  • Virago
  • Motto
  • Mas Tacos for a cheap, quick, delicious meal


  • Pinewood Social. Day or night, you’re going to love this spot! 
  • Attaboy is an awesome speakeasy that my friend Chase showed us last time we visited. They don’t have a menu, you tell them what you like and they bring something out!! I have to say, my drink was so spot on & it was such a fun experience. 
  • You want the best margarita in Nashville? Meet me at Rosepepper. I can taste it now and my mouth is watering. I miss you RP. 



  • Jeni’s ice cream, duh
  • Bobby’s Dairy Dip



  • Walk the 12th S neighborhood and 21st Street as well. The whole Belmont area is awesome to bop around in full of great food, wall murals for the ‘gram & cutie shops! 12th S is where White’s Mercantile is (more on that later)!
  • The Gultch has more shops, work out spots and great food!
  • Las Paletas is gourmet popsicles in the 12th S area. Cute little stop while you’re strolling around!
  • Ride bikes around Belmont
  • Shop in 12th S, 21st & Hill Center in Green Hills
  • If the Farmer’s Market is happening, check that out!
  • Depending on how many days you're there, Arrington Vineyards is a fun way to spend half a day, but I wouldn't go unless you have at least 4 days there. 
  • Check out the ABLE store in the Nations area


  • The Thompson Hotel, rooftop

  • Broadway only if you must *eye roll* head to Acme Feed & Seed 

  • If you can catch a Preds game, they are super fun! 
  • If you want to be as local as locals get, Santa’s Pub is where it’s at. It’s disgusting, but so. much. fun.


  • White’s Mercantile is an absolute must and has become a staple in the Nashville community. I used to work there and can’t recommend it enough for a unique item to take home

  • Project615 is an awesome spot for Nashville themed t-shirts, hats, stickers, etc. 

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