My first week in NYC is officially complete and I’m onto the second. 

Last week was FULL of new exciting things as well as a little hesitation from fear of the unknown/future/etc. 

My mom and I flew into the city and had the most interesting journey in making it to my apartment in the East Village. In short, the one hour (two max) commute ended up taking four hours. Yes, four. One highlight was that my mom, bags in tow, got stuck in the subway entry turny whirly thing and I mean, stuck. Alarms ringing, man scolding & spilled purse kind of stuck. It was so epic I couldn’t even be embarrassed. I just had to survive it. ha! She handled it like a champ, which I wouldn’t have done. She laughed it off and we walked away with a big ole lesson learned. For anyone moving to NYC with four large suitcases, just get a cab from the airport. Just don’t even try to subway it home. 

We made two IKEA trips and I’m finally settled in. I love my area, though my room is probably the size of your closet. It’s quaint. 

I began working at MACPresents on 9/8. The first day was quite a whirlwind trying to jump in and comprehend all sorts of information, but the office is full of kind souls, so that helped! 


As with any sort of life transition, it’s a test of character, strength, joy and stability. 

When I go through transitions, I like to ease the pain by preoccupying my mind with binge watching a television show. Why? I’m not sure, but this time, Revenge is my current cure. Man.. I’m in deep with this one. 


I’m most excited about the personal, professional and spiritual challenges, revolutions and journeys that I’ll experience here in the Big Apple. 

Stay tuned.


-Ainsley B.


PS- any restaurant, date ideas, fun things, cool people in NYC or other suggestions are welcome. yay!