Eating Healthy on a budget!

One topic I rarely cover, but is important to me is eating healthy on a budget (ehem, college girls, listen up) The biggest thing I learned about eating healthy on a budget is to shop the perimeter of the store. This is generally where the fruits and veggies are along with your sandwich meats, dairy, etc.

Pinterest has every recipe you could ever need so find those healthy things you like and recreate them! I wish I would’ve spent more time cooking in college. Getchu a skillet and a slow cooker and get to cookin! My favorite go-to are fajitas and they are always pretty cheap. Get some red and green bell peppers, chicken and a delicious seasoning. (I either use taco seasoning or Cumin, Garlic, Salt, Pepper & Tony’s) Grill it all up and separate into containers. I normally can make about 3 meals within $10 and it’s delish!

Also, avocado toast with an egg is a great go-to breakfast!

California knows how to party

Justin and I recently took a trip to SoCal to celebrate the Lee’s wedding and had the best time! We started in San Diego and drove up the PCH to Los Angeles. I highly recommend this & wanted to share some of the places we ate and stayed!

San Diego:

I had some things on my list for SD and we hit all but one!

  • La Jolla Cove for some seal & sea lion spotting

  • Scripps Pier

  • Torrey Pines Gliderport

  • Wheat and Water - the hard kombucha was so good!

  • Justin was obsessed with Bird Rock coffee roasters’ pour over so he got that multiple times ha

  • We had an amazing brunch at Breakfast Republic

  • Pigment is the cutest store I’ve ever been in ever ever ever

  • Catch the sunset at Sunset Cliffs - it’s a must!

  • Salt & Straw for a dessert - we loved in in PNW and were pumped it was in SD!

  • La Valencia Hotel was a fancy breakfast spot with cute pink decor, but I don’t think it’s a must.

  • James Coffee Co. was the coolest coffee spot - 10/10 would recommend

  • We had a brunch at Cafe Gratitude which was just adorable.

  • On our drive to LA, we stopped at a beach on the PCH for some fun pics and people watching

  • Stop in Encinitas for cutie little shops!

Los Angeles:

I had zero plans for LA on where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do outside of seeing friends so we flew by the seat of our pants haha

  • We met up with a friend at 602 coffee house which felt very breezy, surfer-ish

  • We stayed at the Lido Hotel and I can’t wait to go back when the weather is better! Unfortunately it rained while we were there but it was the cutest hotel!

  • Sidecar donuts in Costa Mesa changed our donut life forever. The butter & salt was legit the best donut I’ve ever had!

  • We made it to LA and naturally our first stop was Abbot Kinney

  • We were staying with our friends, Matt and Aubrey, who took us to The Doughroom for some pizza and the best wings I’ve ever had, no lie.

  • Intellegencia coffee is Justin’s love language so we make it a priority when in LA & we brunched at The Butcher’s Daughter because we rarely went when we lived in NYC. It’s so cuteeeeee

  • There were some super cute shops near brentwood on Montana street that we bopped around before heading to Malibu

  • In Malibu we had dinner at Malibu Farms on the pier which was a dreamy place with a delicious menu. 10/10 would recommend again lol

  • Wanderlust creamery had ice creams inspired by places all over the world, which was neat. I’m not convinced I’d go back, but I’m glad we went.

Robert Bye photo

Robert Bye photo

Adjusting to a new place/city!

Yeah you could say I'm a pro at this. Why? Because I have moved 8 times in 9 years and have had to adjust to 4 cities in that time frame. I don't keep still for very long, so here are the things I've learned over the years! 

1. Don't be afraid to go solo. I know it feels weird to sit in a movie theater alone, but trust me, you need to get out and do things on your own. Go eat dinner alone, attend a church service alone. You literally never know who you'll run into or meet. When I first moved to Nashville I went to so many places and events alone, I felt like such a loser but I ended up making friends and I still keep in touch with many of them! People would always say, "You came here alone? That's actually really cool & brave." 

2. Become the complement QUEEN! What does this mean? Well, when you receive a genuine complement, it feels good right? You don't want to throw water in the face & run away from the person who paid you the complement, you often end up engaging in a real conversation with them! So, as you're standing in line for your groceries or shopping at a boutique. Find things you like about people and TELL THEM. 

3. Join groups or hop on the Bumble App for BFFS! Small groups, adventure groups, meet up groups, whatever! I joined about 3 when I moved to Nashville and ended up White Water Rafting, painting with a twist, etc. all because I said, "YES" to new things. As painful as it can be, saying yes to meeting new people when you really want to Netflix & ice cream is going to be rewarding in the end. 

4. Explore. Just drive around, walk through neighborhoods, soak in your new city! Make an effort to understand the culture you've inserted yourself in and see how you can contribute!

5. Spend your spare time with Jesus. The closer you are with the Lord, the easier the adjustment because you won't feel SO alone. I used to sit by my fireplace and spend hours in the Bible and in various devotionals connecting with God. 

6. This leads me to my last point. Read Hearts & Rockets!! It's all experiences through change and what I learned about the Lord. Keep it close and a friendly voice walking with you. <3 

PNW Trip!

Yall. Have you been to the Pacific Northwest? It’s my own personal wonderland. Mix the PNW greenery with the Southern hospitality and that is what heaven is going to be like in my mind. Streets of gold for sure, but also mountains and tall spruce, fir & redwood trees. I’m obsessed.

So obsessed that one blog post would be too long to endure so I’m leaving it in our outline, since we covered so much ground. Portland, Seattle & Vancouver were UNREAL.

We had an interesting travel schedule. We generally stayed in hotels right outside of the city because they were cheaper and we were barely there. Here’s what that looked like:

(photos at the end)

Tuesday - August 21st (Seattle)

Wednesday - August 22nd (Seattle)


Stopped by Starbucks reserve & got a couple of drinks

Also got salt & straw, I had the beechers cheese & toffee one. Unreal.

Thursday - August 23rd (Seattle > Portland)

  • Mr. West Cafe

  • Museum of Pop Culture

  • Pike Place Market


  • Kurt Cobain’s House!!!

  • Drive from Seattle to Portland on Thursday afternoon (3 hour drive)

  • Hotel reservation at Courtyard Portland Southeast/Clackamas

  • Dinner: Tusk -

Friday - August 24th (Portland)

  • Pip’s donuts - Opens at 8am

  • Witch’s Castle Hike


  • Nike

  • Employee Store

  • Kure for bowl of the gods - typical acai bowl in my opinion, still tasty!

  • Afuri Ramen - so good!!

Saturday - August 25th (Portland)

  • Woods Coffee

  • Multnomah Falls, Bridal Veil, etc. - there are multiple waterfalls along this highway and we stopped at a few!

  • Argyle Winery

  • Eb & Bean w

Sunday - August 26th

  • hopped around downtown, went to a couple stores & Powell’s books

  • Left for half way to Vancouver

  • Ate at Olive Garden hahahahah not part of the original plan, but we had to roll with it.

Monday - August 27th (Vancouver)

  • Drive from Portland to Vancouver (6 hours) [PASSPORTS]

  • Check into hotel: JW Marriott Parq Vancouver

  • Lynn Canyon Suspension bridge

  • Yaletown & Gastown

Tuesday - August 28th (Vancouver) - bring food

  • Allouette Lake - kayaked!!

  • Archie’s House 2037 East 3rd Avenue

  • Granville Island - don’t really recommend other than Lee’s doughnuts

  • Stanley Park

  • Dinner at hotel at Victor Steakhouse & casino

Wednesday - August 29th (Vancouver)


  • Lunch at Honey Salt in our hotel

  • Drive back to Seattle

Thursday - August 30th (Seattle)

  • The Wandering Goose for breakfast

  • Gasworks Park

Not your tourist's Nashvegas

Some of my most treasured memories happened in Nashville, TN. I moved there after my freshman year of college and finished my degree at Belmont University. Over the years I lived there, I met actual angels I now call friends, discovered who I was as a person through high highs and low lows and so much more. My recommendations are a bit scattered, not laid out in a "3 day plan" rather in a way that is my personal compilation of the best of the best, places I frequented or have fallen in love with since moving and re-visiting. This is NOT for someone who wants to wear cowboy boots at the Grand Ole Opry. I'm so not against that at all, it's just not what I'm into, so my blog will be my absolute favorite things for those of you who ask me (at least once per month) what there is to do in Nashville. Please kiss the ground for me XOXO! Side note, I’ll add when I think of things, I just have to get something written down for my people going this summer! 



  • Biscuit Love

  • Frothy Monkey

  • Fenwick’s (my faveeeeee)
  • Barista Parlour 
  • Franklin Juice for an acai bowl
  • The Sutler's bluegrass brunch


  • Burger Up
  • Martin’s BBQ
  • Hattie B’s for Nash’s signature Hot Chicken
  • Bartaco


  • Butcher & Bee (get the whipped feta. You’re welcome)

  • Two Ten Jack (MUST)

  • Virago
  • Motto
  • Mas Tacos for a cheap, quick, delicious meal


  • Pinewood Social. Day or night, you’re going to love this spot! 
  • Attaboy is an awesome speakeasy that my friend Chase showed us last time we visited. They don’t have a menu, you tell them what you like and they bring something out!! I have to say, my drink was so spot on & it was such a fun experience. 
  • You want the best margarita in Nashville? Meet me at Rosepepper. I can taste it now and my mouth is watering. I miss you RP. 



  • Jeni’s ice cream, duh
  • Bobby’s Dairy Dip



  • Walk the 12th S neighborhood and 21st Street as well. The whole Belmont area is awesome to bop around in full of great food, wall murals for the ‘gram & cutie shops! 12th S is where White’s Mercantile is (more on that later)!
  • The Gultch has more shops, work out spots and great food!
  • Las Paletas is gourmet popsicles in the 12th S area. Cute little stop while you’re strolling around!
  • Ride bikes around Belmont
  • Shop in 12th S, 21st & Hill Center in Green Hills
  • If the Farmer’s Market is happening, check that out!
  • Depending on how many days you're there, Arrington Vineyards is a fun way to spend half a day, but I wouldn't go unless you have at least 4 days there. 
  • Check out the ABLE store in the Nations area


  • The Thompson Hotel, rooftop

  • Broadway only if you must *eye roll* head to Acme Feed & Seed 

  • If you can catch a Preds game, they are super fun! 
  • If you want to be as local as locals get, Santa’s Pub is where it’s at. It’s disgusting, but so. much. fun.


  • White’s Mercantile is an absolute must and has become a staple in the Nashville community. I used to work there and can’t recommend it enough for a unique item to take home

  • Project615 is an awesome spot for Nashville themed t-shirts, hats, stickers, etc. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 10.34.13 PM.png

Winter in NYC Travel Guide

Winter in New York City is truly as magical as it sounds. The snow coating the concrete in white while lights glimmer off of the icicles. The city is decorated with so much detail and glitter, it totally feels like you’re living in a snow globe, but the details can be overwhelming and make it feel like a toddler is shaking the snow globe and your world is in a flurry. Fear not! I have complied a list of my recommendations and warnings for your Big Apple adventure! I recently moved from NYC and after 2.5 years and 2 very cold (to a Louisiana girl) winters, I am reminiscing on the only true White Christmases I’ve ever had. I hope you have an amazing trip!

FIRST. BEFORE YOU GO ANY FURTHER. There is something you need to know and accept. It’s a bitter pill to swallow… you won’t get everything done that you want to. Just go ahead and split your trip into two trips now because this city has SO much to do and see that you will start making a new list when you haven’t even finished half of this list. I know, it’s not fair, but it’ll just give you an excuse to go back! 

My favorite area to eat, drink and explore is Nolita, but if it’s your first time in NYC, I would get some touristy things under your belt & then going there to explore! 

LGA in NYC….

  • LaGuardia is not the best airport, but it’s often the most convenient as it’s closest to the city. I can’t tell you how many times I flew in and out of that congested, unpredictable tiny airport. It’s probably a necessary evil when it comes to your trip, so we’ll roll with it. When you land and get your bags, there will likely be guys walking around saying, “taxi? taxi? do you need a taxi?” Say no and move along. They will likely charge you higher and are not trustworthy at all. I recommend going to the taxi line every time or if the Uber situation has been fixed since I last flew in, you can give that a go. I just went to the taxi line every time because there are clear signs to it and you get to where you are going eventually. 

Let’s talk Taxis and Transportation….

  • iTransNYC is a great app for navigating and learning the subway lines. The MAPs app on an iPhone also will include the Transit systems if you add it when you get to the city! It popped up automatically on my phone when it noticed my location though I’m sure there are ways to turn it on if yours doesn’t do it automatically. 
  • So, there is a week long $30 subway pass that I usually recommend, whether you’re staying 3 days or 10. It’s worth it for all of the running around you’ll be doing. 
  • Using the WAZE App while in a cab will help navigate the best route that the driver should take. They usually use it in their cabs so I would just look for it on their decks or keep it open on your phone, just in case they notice you’re a tourist and try to give you the run around :) 
  • So, when you get into a cab, they will expect cross streets, NOT an address. So, when you pull up the address on your maps, look at the closest cross streets and tell them those! Then when you get to the cross streets, walk to the actual address.
  • Taking advantage of tourists is an easy way for Taxis to make a ton of $ so it’s unnecessary for them to get over tipped unless they take you from the Upper West Side to The Brooklyn Bridge or something. I stick with the 20% usually.
  • Tackle the city by area. See where your stops are on the map and do Uptown, Midtown and Downtown all separately so you can tackle more without going back and forth on 40 minute commutes! 

What to wear??

  • Black. If you want to look like a local, you’ll wear a lot of black. 
  • Boots with grip on the bottom.
  • Jeans.
  • Sweaters.
  • Comfortable Flats, no heels.
  • Pretty much everything that’s in the photo below ;) 

Seeing is believing…

  • Rockefeller Center for the beautiful tree and ice skating!

    • Radio City Music Hall is right by Rockefeller center as well
    • Bow Bridge in Central Park 
    • Macy’s 
    • Top of the Rock for a gorgeous view of Central Park and midtown
      • Ok my friend Lisa had this great tip for Top of the Rock: the bar at the top of 30 Rock, Sixty-Five, is a great alternative to Top of the Rock because no lines and while the drinks are expensive, no admission fee! Gorgeous place to drink! (Open M-F til 5PM-midnight I think!?) So if you are all adults on your trip, enjoy! Dress code is business casual. 
    • Flatiron Building/5th Ave Shopping
    • Union Square Holiday Market

Bottoms Up!

  • Rolf’s is decorated with so much Christmas cheer you’ll be transported to the North Pole! 

    • Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar, or almost any rooftop bar is a fun way to feel like a Gossip Girl and soak in the sights of the city!
    • The Gansevoort Hotel is a great spot for drinks as well! 
    • You’ve gotta go to a speakeasy! Please Don’t Tell, Bathtub Gin and Dear Irving are some good ones.
    • The Library in the Nomad Hotel will make you feel like you’re Belle in Beauty in the Beast for a drink and light snack


  • We can’t forget coffee!

    • Toby’s coffee

    • Cha Cha Matcha

    • Ralph’s (as in Ralph Lauren)
    • Stump town Coffee

You’ll need stretchy pants for this category…

  • It’s impossible for me to cover ALL of the amazing places to eat in NYC, but here are some of my personal faves…
    • The Smith for Brunch
    • Joe’s for quick, cheap NYC pizza (it’s cash only!)
    • Posto’s for more amazing NYC pizza and my fave kale salad ever!!!
    • Pietro Nolita is all pink and super cute! I love this italian spot! 
    • BlackTap is a great spot for burgers and my personal fave, the greek salad. Also, the most amazing milkshakes that are huge and super photogenic
    • The Butcher’s Daughter is an amazing vegetarian spot that is so so worth it!
    • Shake Shack is a must and is better than IN n OUT!!! Get outta here West Coast.
    • Spice for Thai food
    • Sweet chick chicken & waffles
    • Del frisco’s for a nice steak & more high end dinner
    • My friend Lisa mentioned this as well...The burger joint location hidden inside Le Parker Meridien hotel in midtown! Basically a burger speakeasy! Justin can attest to the awesomeness of this spot!

Sweets & Treats!

    • City Bakery for their famous  Hot Chocolate 
    • Levain Bakery - The chocolate chip walnut cookie, you’re welcome
    • Magnolia Bakery - The banana pudding or lemon bar! 
    • Dominique Ansel’s Cookie shots are adorable and delicious! 
    • The Doughnuttery in Chelsea Market

Do it for the gram! Or just, for fun… whichever.

  • Well, try to anyway.
    • The Magician at the Nomad Hotel is INCREDIBLE. I can’t recommend this enough. Tickets are tricky so be sure to plan way ahead of time for these!
    • The Whitney Museum is my favorite museum because it’s the most interactive in my opinion! 
    • The 9/11 Memorial Museum is incredibly sobering and I believe it’s a must when you’re in NYC. 
    • Right next door is the One World Trade that has a 360 enclosed view of Manhattan. I personally like the Top of The Rock better, but Justin is a big fan of OWT. While you’re over there, you may as well pop in the Oculus and see the cool modern architecture in this shopping center
    • Grand Central Station is most likely on one of your routes, so swing in and people watch for a bit when you’re done obsessing over the beautiful ceiling.
    • Walk through Chelsea Market and grab some baby donuts from the Doughnuttery!

Is it worth it?

  • To pay for a ride around the statue of liberty? Eh. Not in my opinion. you can see her from afar when you’re on the Brooklyn Bride or in the One World Trade. A good tip for seeing the Statue of Liberty - take the Staten Island Ferry which is free! It doesn't get too close but it's a great way to get a boat ride for $0!
  • The cookie dough place, Do… Not at all. It’s cute and instagrammable, but not as tasty as the break and bake dough at the grocery store.
  • Cony Island. nope. Not in the winter at least. 

Here is a fun Buzzfeed article on the most instagrammable foods in NYC:

Click through the below photos....

Taking on Toronto

*photo slideshow at the end of post. click photo to go to the next one*

Hey friends! I called this blog "Taking on Toronto" because it was my first time traveling to a new country and city solo. I realize it's just Canada, but let me have my Destiny's Child "Independent Women" moment okay? My flight landed at 10 am while Justin's landed at 8 pm so I had some time to kill. I decided to adventure, mapping out my stops by area and day one, I walked A LOT. I don't necessarily regret that, but Uber is so cheap there, if I could go back I would've just done that everywhere to cover more ground. So, before we went I made a list of "Must-Do's" based on other blogs. This included going to BYOB, seeing the TORONTO sign and Simcoe Wave Deck.  

Day ONE: I typed directions to the TORONTO sign in my maps app and started walking. It was a cool sight to see, but nothing to write home about. Then I went down to see the Simcoe Wave Deck and loved hanging out by the water. It's a cool little deck that makes you wonder how the idea came about. It's so fun to see how other countries operate, even just the names of their grocery stores and seeing their street signs. I'd heard rave reviews about the Distillery District so I started walking that way because 1. I had all the time in the world 2. I wanted to get a lay of the land by walking it. I walked along the water and enjoyed the beautiful weather for way too many miles. Just when I thought my feet were going to fall apart, I stumbled upon Sugar Beach. Oh. My. Gosh. You HAVE to go to Sugar Beach. It was so cute and gave my feet the rest they needed before continuing. The pink umbrellas and white sand are just adorable. 

Once I rested up, I went to the Distillery District, which ended up being my absolute favorite area of Toronto. The exposed brick and cobblestones are so beautiful. The industrial feel sends you back into history and they have some super cute shops there. Then, for the first time, I ate lunch at a restaurant alone. It felt weird, but by the end, I loved being able to people watch and enjoy a fireside taco fest at El Catrin. The food was great and it was a really cool spot. It came highly recommended and I support that. My next stop was coffee. Obviously. Odin coffee to be exact OoOo cause you know I'd walk 1,000 miles if I could if I could (Ode to coffee, thanks, Vanessa Carlton). Idk where that came from. Moving on. It was a cutie trendy coffee shop and it was also the most delicious Almond Milk Latte this Basic has ever had. I went back to the hotel to recharge my phone and enjoy this deliciousness, via Uber. 

I had previously read about BYOB, so I had to find it. Does it get any cuter than this shop of elixirs? No, no it does not. Do I drink enough cocktails at home to need anything in the store? No, no I do not. Did I walk out after spending $50? Yes, yes I did..... there are two locations and I went to both and you should too. Ugh, I loved it so much. So many shiny cutey things. Okay, my last stop of the day was The Vog Vault. For a unique and fun photo, go here. it's inside a shoe store that I walked in pretending like I liked the shoes, but they say the least. Anway, I got my photo and bolted, which you can see below. It's a super cute idea and smart marketing on getting people to come into your store ha. When Justin finally arrived, we went to Hair of the Dog for dinner on Church St. by our Hotel. It was calm, cool pub that wasn't loud and had great food. A WIN! We turned in early to get an early start on day 2. 

Day TWO: Our main goal for this trip was to see Niagara Falls because I LOVE waterfalls and my husband is the best. I'm so glad we ended up staying in Toronto and renting a car to go to the falls for the day because Niagara is SUPER touristy. Like, more than I imagined. A mini golf course with giant dinosaurs, arcades and rides, and it pretty much just felt like a miniature version of Las Vegas. No thank you. We hurried to the Falls and stood in awe. They are so gorgeous. I knew they would be, but really. SO gorgeous. As much as I wanted to get closer to them, I didn't want to get soaking wet on a boat with 100+ strangers on the Maid of the Mist, so we ended up driving to the White Water Walk and doing this much less crowded adventure and stayed dry. I LOVED it. You could read a little bit of history and have a closer look at the gorgeous water. I highly recommend this and I think it was ~$15/person. We had heard about wineries in the area, so we chose to swing by the Redstone Winery as it was named the 2017 Winery of the Year. We enjoyed a couple of glasses and some fries. This is a beautiful place that was easy to get to. After this, we made the drive back to Toronto proper and I think we ended up getting Wendy's and just turning in super early. I know, so lame, but Justin had had a crazy work week with another one coming up and needed to just do nothing for a few hours. Since I did a ton of exploring the day before, I was fine with it. Oh, by the way, we stayed at the Courtyard Marriott which has Starbucks in the lobby and smells good & clean. That's all I need ya know? Here are some fun facts about Yonge St, which is what our hotel was on. 

Day THREE: Because my husband had us listen to Drake the entire way back to Toronto, we felt obligated to swing by OVO, which is his storefront in Toronto. It also happened to be right by the brunch place I was hoping to take us to…which was closed because it was Toronto’s Thanksgiving holiday. We ended up at La Palma, and I’M SO GLAD WE DID!!! It was such a cute place with a delicious Nutella donut and great avo toast. It’s definitely a must. After brunch, we went to Kensington Market which is a ton of vendors and shops outside. It felt very Austin, TX which I enjoyed, but other than the CXBO chocolate shop, eh. I think my hopes were too high. Once we ate chocolate and went to the second BYOB location, we headed to Graffiti Alley. A fun little photo spot that is tucked away in an alley...obviously. 

To end our blissful weekend trip, we went to the Toronto Islands. YALL. Spend at least half of a day here. It's so cute and Martha's Vineyard-y. The best part was probably the Toffee Blondie from The Refectory Cafe but renting bikes and riding around the island is so dreamy. 

So that was our Toronto trip and here's just a bonus tip: DO NOT FLY PORTER AIRLINES. I fly quite often and know how to pack my items carefully so nothing is messed up or broken. Yall, every bit of my makeup that could've been broken, was broken. It was a small carry on bag (their bins are too small for you to put your carry on in the actual bin) so they had to gate check it. You'd think not much could go wrong in such little handling, but they are really rough with your stuff.  

Funny story: we tried to take this trip a month prior, but we discovered that Justin's passport was expired the night before we were supposed to leave. hahahahha Give him a hard time about it next time you see him ;) Below are some photos! 


Cutie Little Charleston

Last week we took a little celebration trip to Charleston, SC. It's the beginning of a new chapter for the Glenns (career-wise, nothing else everyone calm down) and Justin is a master trip planner, so why not!? We were there for 5 days in the most relaxing city I've ever been in. Cutie little Charleston. This city is rich with history and gorgeous, green trees that stole my heart away. *all pics at the end of post*

We flew in on Sunday & checked into our hotel, the Grand Bohemian. Yall, this place was so cool. It's an art museum and hotel in the perfect location right by King St. I definitely recommend it! We bopped around the area, walked up and down King St. to check out the shopping scene & took a carriage ride to hear some history of the city. It felt similar to the French Quarter in NOLA, so I felt right at home. We ended our evening with fried chicken and seafood at Leon's. Love the vibe in this place and we both tried chargrilled oysters, which were actually pretty good! Neither of us are oyster fans, so that was a nice surprise.

As my love for greenery and beautiful trees goes, we had to stop by Angel Oak on Monday. Justin probably felt small for the first time in his life. It's a beautiful ~400 year old tree that is huuuuuge. Justin was really excited to be near a beach for the first time in a while, so our next stop was Kiawah Island. It was too windy to play on the beach, but we ate at the Ryder Cup Bar and enjoyed the beautiful view of the golf course meeting the sand. It was a bit of a drive, but the Crispy Shrimp was absolutely worth it. SO GOOD. When we left there we stopped in a few cutie antique shops and dreamt of a day when we could decorate a house with old and new furnishings. We got some afternoon refuel at The Daily per our friend's recommendation (check out Elaine's AMAZING lifestyle blog, HERE) and popped into The Port Mercantile at the Restoration Hotel. It's SUPER cute and reminded me of my dear White's Mercantile in Nashville.

One of the best parts of this vacation was that we napped every day. Heaven, I tell ya. The other best part? Xiao Bao Biscuits. Go hungry and get the cabbage pancake and duck something (sorry, I can't remember the name). Seriously. This food was incredible and coming from someone who is from Louisiana and lived in Nashville, that says a lot! 

Two things we do in every city we visit: 1. Get a magnet 2. Find the best donuts. There were a few places we researched, but one was mentioned multiple times, so we landed at Glazed first thing on Tuesday. When we went in, I had low expectations because, well, I have my preferred donut spots. However, Justin got the pistachio donut and it was delicious! It tasted like the perfect moist, cake donut and I'm not even a huge fan of pistachio but I recommend it for sure! We wanted to get some more history under our belt since we mainly have just been eating through the city, so we went to Boone Hall.  We learned more about the Gullah culture and the reality of slavery - take your time here to feel the gravity of this history. After a few hours there, we sought another beach on Sullivan's Island. The cutest restaurant greeted us & we ate at The Obstinate Daughter. Such a cute restaurant & you can walk to the beach from it! The wind got the best of us at the beach again, so we headed back downtown where we hung out by the water at sunset & enjoyed the breezy weather and walked around Rainbow Row. We decided that the city wasn't actually real and we were on a movie set because it was too perfect, not a single piece of litter in sight.

Wednesday brunch was at Hominy Grill - you just can't go wrong here - and then we rented bikes to ride around the city. This day was probably my favorite because we didn't have any plans really. We just rolled with the punches. We enjoyed the scenery on bikes that we rented for $7/hour and when lunch rolled around we stopped by Goat.Sheep.Cow to pick up some cheeses, wine, etc. & picnicked in Battery Park. I HIGHLY recommend doing this. It was so fun, relaxing and just delicious! (Thank you Katelyn for the recommendation!) After we went back to the hotel and cleaned up a little, we went to a BYOB candle making class at Candlefish! This is a MUST DO. We had so much fun and got to take home 2 candles each! Rachel was our Chandler & she did a great job teaching us! Candle making works up an appetite and we hadn't stopped talking about Xiao Bao Biscuit since we left, so... we went back. It was still amazing. I want it right now actually. 

Departure day came quick and without warning. Thursday morning, The Park Cafe . All I have to say is get their Mint & Mocha coffee creation. It is delicioussss!!!! Perfect morning treat. We only had time for a few more stops, so to Folly Beach we went! Warm & windy is the Charleston way. We hung out on a pier until we had to head to the airport and kiss our sweet little vacation goodbye. Charleston is super cute and I recommend it for a 2-3 day visit. Have you been? What did you do & where did you go?

Hearts & Rockets, 


A really long blurb of our wedding...

Dylan Howell Photography (all ceremony photos)

Dylan Howell Photography (all ceremony photos)

When I was a kid, I didn't necessarily have a dream wedding. 

To be very honest with you, I never really saw it in my future. 

One time my aunt (who is only 6 years older than me) married me off to my uncle (who is only 4 years older than me) around the ripe age of 7, but my toilet paper veil was the extent of my wedding experience.


My single mother raised me to appreciate a good man, like my Poppa, but independence was our style. You can imagine my surprise when I met Justin on July 10, 2014 and knew within minutes that I HAD to spend forever with the most loving, patient, attractive, smart, etc. man I'd ever laid eyes on. This was the man my family prayed for.


Thank the Lord, he felt the same way. Well, it took him a year and some change to realize it, but on January 1, 2016 he asked for my hand in marriage (in Central Park and from morning to night, he planned the most incredible day, but this post will be long enough without getting into those details.)


So the adventure began. "Wait. I have to like... plan a wedding..." I thought. Sheer panic ran through my body.  What are the rules? Colors, dresses, bridesmaids, caterers, videographers and photographers, OH MY!  I began my research and scrolled for miles on Pinterest every night. T'was a daunting task for a new NYC resident whose family was in a different time zone, worked a full time job and was trying to start a non-profit all at once. Alas, my superhero of a mother helped me take this bull by the horns and organize my absolute dream wedding + celebration. 


Some of my most wonderful memories through my life happened in the state of Colorado. Ski trips with the family when I was younger in Breckenridge, (DON'T EAT THE YELLOW SNOW IT'S NOT A SNO CONE) Aspen in high school for a summer trip with friends, Vail for another ski trip in college and the night after I met Justin, I was headed to Denver for a trip with my dad and brother. Sitting by the fire, surrounded my mountains, Justin and I would talk on the phone for hours, as if we were in high school all over again. 


I pitched the idea to my mom. "Is it crazy to do a ceremony with just the family in Colorado and then do a reception at home?" It was indeed crazy, but that became the plan. 


Let's fast forward to wedding day, shall we?


That morning was peaceful and relaxing. My Fiance had sent Starbucks and flowers over with my mom & I put on Dave Barnes, "Good Day for Marrying You" on repeat. Our hair + make up artist came over to get us all dolled up and really, we just went through our checklist and enjoyed the morning together. Hummingbirds hovered around the windows and the weather was perfect. A small chill in the morning, but as soon as the sun touched your skin, it felt like a hug from Jesus. Colorado weather is my favorite. 


 My sisters played board games and our videographers + photographers captured our precious moments. My something borrowed was my Grandmother's jewelry, something blue was the sapphire in her ring, something old was my great grandmother's handkerchief and something new were my shoes! Grandmother, mom and I all had a heartache at once when we all wondered what my Poppa would think of all of this. He passed unexpectedly 9 months prior & it was still a mystery how we all managed to survive without him around. We were missing our "standard" of a man. I'm so thankful that the Lord had someone for me that reflected many of his characteristics. 


Justin sent a gift over for me, and I sent one over for him. Mine was a beautiful rose gold necklace with our wedding date engraved and a LV purse I'd been dreaming of for years. His was my precious grandfather's Rolex. Justin felt the weight of the sentiment and felt so humbled when he opened the original box that Poppa had when he first celebrated the success of the business he built from the ground up. 



It was time to load up + move out! Off to the first look. Shoutout to my mom for helping me morph into a could so my dress wouldn't drag the ground on our way to the spot!


After that, we may have gotten lost on the way to the ceremony, but only 15 people were waiting, so I wasn't as worried as I would've been had it been a chapel full of friends + family. 


My dad walked me down the dirt road (aka: aisle) to the tune of Johnnyswim's "We Can Take The World" to my tall, handsome, precious fiance who would become my husband. Side note: we found our ceremony spot the day before when we were just exploring, so I'm thankful that part worked out juuuust in time. 


We exchanged our own vows and enjoyed the gorgeous scenery with our immediate family. Our best cheerleaders. 


Three weeks later, we invited all of our friends and extended family to celebrate our marriage in Lafayette, LA. God performed miracle after miracle during my wedding season, because we found our reception venue 5 days before the actual reception. Why would we do that, you ask? Well, we planned on having the reception at my parent's home and on my wedding day when we were all blissfully enjoying the Colorado weather, their house was flooding in the crazy, unforeseen Louisiana floods. Non stop rain didn't originally concern us, until one of my mom's friend's said, "We have to use a boat to get to your house." So the three weeks in between was actually us scrambling around trying to find a venue and other last minute details, praying that we wouldn't have to cancel it because many people were coming in from out of town. 


God is good and our venue was the most beautiful place I could've ever asked for, probably even better/easier than if it had been at our home anyway!  We still wanted to honor our friends and show them how much they meant to us, so our bridal party attended a welcome party the night before and we treated it all the same, only they didn't walk down an aisle. I gave my bridesmaids a color and they picked their own dress. We all got ready together the morning of the reception and drank mimosas out of disco ball cups. 


My absolute favorite part of the reception was the video. Because we wanted our guests to see what the ceremony was like, we projected a 5 minute video onto a screen and had a vocalist sing "ILYSB" by Lany during the video. Then, we were announced and came out for our first dance. 


Since we had already had our wedding night, we decided not to have a grand exit, but a grand entrance instead! Our guests each had sparklers and stood around in a circle during our first dance as husband and wife. 


Then, we cut the cake, drank some drank and danced the night away!!! We didn't sit down once and as everyone warns, it was all a blur. I absolutely loved having our ceremony and reception separate, so we could pack as many sweet memories into one season as possible. I want to do it all over again, but I'll just keep looking at these photos and videos instead. Sigh. 



If you'd made it to the end of this post, congratulations! I'm 2.5 hours in of typing, and now plan on taking a nap. Thanks for coming down memory lane with me and if you have any wedding questions, I feel like I learned SO much during this season. Happy to answer :) 


Cheers to a lifetime of adventure and non-traditional living with the most genuine, Jesus loving man, Justin Glenn. 


#GlennForTheWin #GeauxingGlenn #GoneGlenn


My first week in NYC is officially complete and I’m onto the second. 

Last week was FULL of new exciting things as well as a little hesitation from fear of the unknown/future/etc. 

My mom and I flew into the city and had the most interesting journey in making it to my apartment in the East Village. In short, the one hour (two max) commute ended up taking four hours. Yes, four. One highlight was that my mom, bags in tow, got stuck in the subway entry turny whirly thing and I mean, stuck. Alarms ringing, man scolding & spilled purse kind of stuck. It was so epic I couldn’t even be embarrassed. I just had to survive it. ha! She handled it like a champ, which I wouldn’t have done. She laughed it off and we walked away with a big ole lesson learned. For anyone moving to NYC with four large suitcases, just get a cab from the airport. Just don’t even try to subway it home. 

We made two IKEA trips and I’m finally settled in. I love my area, though my room is probably the size of your closet. It’s quaint. 

I began working at MACPresents on 9/8. The first day was quite a whirlwind trying to jump in and comprehend all sorts of information, but the office is full of kind souls, so that helped! 


As with any sort of life transition, it’s a test of character, strength, joy and stability. 

When I go through transitions, I like to ease the pain by preoccupying my mind with binge watching a television show. Why? I’m not sure, but this time, Revenge is my current cure. Man.. I’m in deep with this one. 


I’m most excited about the personal, professional and spiritual challenges, revolutions and journeys that I’ll experience here in the Big Apple. 

Stay tuned.


-Ainsley B.


PS- any restaurant, date ideas, fun things, cool people in NYC or other suggestions are welcome. yay!