Upcoming Events:

- 1/26/19 - Still I Rise Conference at The Bayou Church

- 5/17-18/19 - Mom to Mom Conference, Asheville, NC

Previous Events:

- Put On Your War Paint at First Baptist Church Lafayette

- Youth Sunday at The Bayou Church

- Youth Sunday at Ecclesia, Houston

- Youth Wednesday at First Baptist Church Lafayette

- Guest Blog for Daniel Maddry

- Guest Blog for Abe Haley

-  Hearts and Rockets Filming in New York City

- Unveiled at Belmont Univeristy

- Unveiled at Vanderbilt University

- Unveiled for Phi Mu Belmont

- Unveiled at Ensworth High School

- Unveiled for AGD at Belmont

- Unveiled at Model for a Miracle

- Unveiled at Hearts of Hope

- Unveiled at Westminster Christian Academy

- Guest on the Chris Burkmenn Experience

- Unveiled at The Waverly Project 

- Unveiled at the Eating Disorder Coalition of Tennessee

- NEXT at The Bayou Church 

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