Happy 5.29.15

I just finished watching a movie/documentary called "Happy." It's about happiness worldwide including science, stories and silliness. It made me smile, laugh, cry and engage in a call of action. Mostly, it made me think. We've heard it said that those who have the least are sometimes happier. Okay, sure, but do we actually believe that? Probably not. However, I began to believe it more through this movie because their material things may be fewer, yet their relationships, families and communities were greater. Our current society is often isolated behind a computer screen, much like I am right now. I took the evening to recharge and be alone (okay, many of my friends are out of town and while I could've made plans, I chose to rest) which is good to some extend, but on the other hand, here I am... alone... after watching a movie on happiness which involved a ton of community and it makes me wish I was sitting around a dinner table, laughing and hearing stories of my friends and family. Smells of fresh flowers as center pieces, candles to light the smiles on our faces and home cooked meals that are so good, they'll make your eyes cross! Yes, that's where I'd rather be right now. I want to express how simple happiness can be, yet how hard we try to work for it. Personally, I have a great family, live in a wonderful city, have precious friends, and I eat three times a day, no problem. Bonus points for having a very handsome and hilarious boyfriend, but I can honestly say, simply and passionately, that I. AM. HAPPY. 

I'm happy when I'm in nature, when I'm cooking or laughing with friends. Telling stories, bonfires, etc. all engage my personal joy meter and as it rises I realize that it centers a lot around community. I went to a waterfall with Justin, Josh and Mary recently and it was so incredibly joyous, even though it rained on us! Cooking delights my soul as it's one of my favorite ways to serve people. We had a "friendsgiving" in November and it thrilled me to allow cooking to be an avenue for communication with friends and grazing taste testers. My favorite things are rarely enjoyed as much when they're alone. 

Yet, we strive to find happiness in status, wealth and money... and like we've all heard before, "it's lonely at the top." UNLESS, you engage in a wonderful community of serving and love throughout. To be plugged in with an accepting and joyful community, bring some joy everywhere you go and remember the simple things in life that you're thankful for. Remove the material things from the list. Joy and happiness is to be shared. 

I could probably ramble on forever, but I'm sure I've made my point. 

I pray you're happy, tonight, wherever you are!