How do I know if my guy friend likes me?

So, here’s a question I’ve been getting a lot…

How do I know if my guy friend likes me?

I get it, I've been there. You're both kind of flirty, dancing around the idea of expressing how you feel but you're not 100% sure if this is a two way street or if these feelings are one sided. How do you de-code the signals he's sending you?
So, we'lll go over some signs and ideas, but I hope you'll stay with me until the end because that's where the big idea happens.

He might be into you if he does the following:

- Smiles at you from across the room

- Wants to hang out one on one often

- Walks you to your car

- Cancels plans to hang with you

- Makes sure you've made it home safely

- You have inside jokes

- There's a significant amount of arm touching or physical touch

He might not be into you if he does the following:

- He isn't very responsive to texts-

- Talks to you about other girls a lot.

- Tries to date your friend(s)

The truth is, if he likes you, he'll tell you. I know, you're like, "It's not that simple. What if our friendship changes?" Sis, it really is that simple. Whatever is holding him back is likely a lame excuse because if you really want to be with each other, of course the friendship will change. Your friendship changing is inevitable. It'll change if you don't do anything about it because eventually one of you will start dating someone else, It'll change if you date and break up because of obvious reasons and it'll change if you date and it actually works out because then you're shifting to a new dynamic in your relationship. If either of you is giving you the excuse that you don't want to risk the friendship, it's a cop out. You have to ask yourself if the idea of being together seems more exciting than actually being together. If you're nervous to bring it up because he hasn't said anything, I get it. I'd personally prefer the guy to initiate the conversation, but if you feel stuck and you're constantly thinking about it, maybe it's time to get some clarity on what's going on.

Let me be clear, I don't think it has to be some deep, serious, life-altering conversation. I think it's okay to be like, "Hey, I feel like you're sending some signals and I'm trying to understand if I'm reading them right or if I'm totally off base. Can you help me out here?" *giggle* The hardest part here is being prepared for potential rejection. It may happen, be ready for either outcome.

Once upon a time, my guy friend and I met at these crossroads and I was totally rejected. I had been reading the signs all wrong and I was gutted when he admitted he didn't feel the same way. A different once upon a time, a guy friend and I did both have feelings for each other and ended up dating for a while. It was an ugly break up and it's not likely that I'll ever talk to him again because of how it ended, but you know what? I don't regret it because it led me to meeting Justin, who is absolutely God's best for me. the Lord has your back, Sis. Do the dang thing!