2019, Let's GEAUX!

They say the older you get, the faster it goes. 2018 flew by and here we are, met with another January of new beginnings and fresh starts. This is your chance to get your mind right for the next year, setting your goals and determining to reach new limits. I want to encourage you to do a few things that changed my life when it came to goal setting.

  1. Read Jon Acuff’s book, “Finish” - it’s the only way I actually am finishing my book and it’s amazing.

  2. Take some pressure off of yourself. Give yourself two deadlines. If one doesn’t work out, you have a backup one!

  3. Tell a friend and hold one another accountable. I know, this never worked before, but schedule monthly check ins with said friend and that’s the only time you’ll talk about your goals so you don’t start avoiding each other in your every day lives. Have time for your regular scheduled friendship so you aren’t running away from one another in the mall, hiding behind mannequins so you don’t have to tell them you’ve failed again. Am I speaking from experience here? You’ll never know.

Here’s the real reason I brought you here today.

I want to give you my first chapter of my next book for FREE! It’s not 100% edited so you’ll have to give me grace, but if you put your email in the blog and brainspills place on the homepage, I’ll send it over!

Here, just click here.

Cheers to a new year! We’re going to conquer 2019 together!

P.S. - Geaux is how we spell “go” in Louisiana terms. If you’re from Louisiana, you know.