Reconnecting with Jesus & your faith

This one might be my favorite writing prompt I received when I did the Instagram questions because it's such a real, honest, relatable question. 

I want to start by saying I think reconnecting with Jesus starts with reconnecting with a heart of gratitude. When I feel farthest from Jesus, I feel like I don't stop and look around in wonder. I sit in my air conditioned home with running water and plenty of food and I don't think about the millions or billions of people that don't have the same luxury. Man, I don't deserve such kindness, Lord. I did nothing to deserve being born into the world with a loving family, a safe environment and a good education. That alone is evidence of God's mercy and love for me. 

Reconnecting with gratitude reveals God's presence all around you. Then, I acknowledge that. I look at everything around me and know that it's only there because God loves me. Because all good things come from Him. (James 1:17)

Before I go any further, I also want to say that sometimes I do this daily or weekly if I feel disconnected from God. I don't think you have to be removed from communication from God for years to feel like you need to reconnect. If you do feel like the prodigal son, remember the open arms that the father welcomed his son with and know that God is doing the exact same thing. (Luke 15:11-32)  

So, this applies to you if you have felt disconnected from God/your faith for years, days or hours. 

After I audibly or in my mind thank Jesus for everything around me and the people in my life, I wonder why I feel disconnected. What made me separate from Him? Shame? Guilt? Did I feel like I didn't need Him because things were going well? I repent. "Father, I'm sorry. I have been a terrible communicator and I don't feel like I can boldly approach the throne room because I feel like Adam and Eve, naked in the garden covered in shame and leaves. I don't even know what to say if I'm honest. Please forgive me." 

From there I either google "Bible verses about ______" Insert what you want to read about or I just open my Bible to a Psalms or the book of John (those are easiest for me to read and understand when I'm just dipping my toes back into the Word) and I just read for a minute. I read slowly, I try to imagine what the scene looked like and I place myself there. From there I'll just talk to God like He's right beside me. "Hey what does this mean? How funny did David look dancing in his underwear that one time? What were you thinking or feeling when this happened?" Sometimes I get a reply (which just sounds like thoughts but ones I didn't consciously think on my own) and sometimes I write down the passage and my questions until I can either talk to someone about it or do more research, also known as google. 

This practice feels like steps and boxes to check off and it may look different for you. I don't think I have to feel a huge shift in spirit to feel reconnected with Jesus. The more I talk to Him, consistently stay in His Word & stay grateful, the more my spirit will tune into His voice. There are tons of resources out there for communicating with God, but starting with gratitude always reminds me how small and out of control I am. 

I really hope this helps and please DM me with any questions on the above!!