How to self care while caring for others

As an enneagram 2, I relate all too much with this writing prompt. 

Let's talk about self care. I think all too often, we don't even know what it looks like. For me, I hate taking care of myself because I immediately feel selfish. My time should be used more wisely in my mind. I should be writing, working, serving my husband, reaching out to my friends and honestly, I don't even do any of those things enough. I spend so much time thinking about balancing self care with working hard, I neglect a lot of things that could be beneficial to my daily life. However, on the rare occasion I stop checking things off of my to do list and park the car from running endless errands and just enjoy time for myself, it's amazing what happens to my attitude. I feel full and happy, which makes me want to share that with others. It makes my serving them more intentional and thoughtful. 

I started making a list of things that I love to do for ME ranging from 1 hr to 5 seconds that helps me continue self care in the midst of serving others. Here is what some of mine look like:

1 hr - Go to the gym or on a lunch date with a friend

45 min - Organize my space with a glass of wine in hand

30 min - Watch friends or play on Pinterest & feel inspired

20 min - Write with no intention of putting it in the world so it doesn't seem forced.

10 min - straight up JAM. Dance, sing, pretend my mop is a microphone to my favorite songs.

5 min - Talk to Jesus and listen to worship music

1 min or less - Make a list of the things I'm grateful for and/or text a friend

I encourage you to make your list and whatever time you find, do the thing that fits in that time slot.  You don't have to be smothered in a face mask watching the Bachelor if that's not your thing, but no shame if it is! 

Self Care on, sis!