I cried during cycling class.

Honesty Hour. You know when people randomly have other people walk up to them and give them a word from God? Like, “Hey I think God wanted me to come tell you blah blah blah.” It’s so crazy and magical and I’ve always wanted someone to do that to me. I imagine hearing whatever they say and crying because it’s so relevant and profound for my life. Yet, it's never happened. 

The other day I was in cycling class when there was this one part where the instructor has us cover our numbers so you can't focus on that, rather you focus on your breathing, why you came to class, etc. & I usually take that time to chat with God. I closed my eyes and imagined myself in His throne room when I heard from Him, "why are you hoping for my Truth to come from someone else when you have a direct line of communication to me? All you have to do is close your eyes and you're here in my throne room. I want to be the one communicating to you." 

Cue tears. cue feeling like a jerk from hoping to hear from others & not God. Cue realizing I'm crying in cycling class.......

This was the most relevant and profound word for me and my heart because it was the Lord talking directly to me, his daughter and saying, "I want you and your heart. I want to communicate and relate and to be here for you. I want you to depend on me for guidance and confirmation." 

What is he trying to tell you that you may be seeking elsewhere? 

*Gut check*