"Then Come Home..."

My body ached and I wept on the bathroom floor as my hope dwindled, minute by minute. A pounding headache, nausea, fever, chills, you name it. I had the flu. I was hoping it wouldn't be very serious, a 24 hour bug before I could get back to cycling class, but as I type this, I'm on day 7 with the slowest recovery I've probably ever had and frustration is my middle name. My sweet husband turned CVS upside down getting every medicine possible, as we used trial and error to figure out what exactly was going to lessen the pain. A trip to the ER and lots of Gatorade later, Justin had to leave town for work and I just wasn't ready to be alone yet in our house, which felt more like a dungeon because of the torture that went down for the last week. I was texting my mom through the week and when Justin flew out I felt so anxious and didn't want to be alone. I was telling her how I felt when she replied, "then come home."  

I know, to you, that may not sound profound, but this is the first time in 8 years that I've lived close enough to drive home within just a few hours. I realized I was pouring my guts out to my mom hoping she would have an answer I liked and those three words were just what I needed to hear. A call to action that led me to comfort. 

I was immediately reminded that that is the same reaction the Lord gives us when we are desperately searching for peace and comfort. He is always, always saying, "then come home." He is calling us to His presence and love over and over. It's just that we need to get in the car and go, so to speak. 

See, it took a move to Houston from New York City to get me close enough to my family where it was an easy, "I'm on my way." Maybe you need to make a move in your faith to get closer to God so when he calls, you can immediately act on the call. 

I know it seems like a leap to go from flu to Jesus, but yall, He and I were closer than ever as I begged and pleaded for healing over my body, so He was pretty top of mind ;)