God's Promises


Honesty Hour. 

I have been feeling frustrated and hopeless in this season of "waiting" or, more accurately, the season of "unsettled." I'm so thankful that my parents opened their home to Justin and I while we wait for our home to be finished in Houston, but man, living out of one drawer for 3 months is getting old. I am super hopeful and excited, but at the same time I feel unsettled and a little anxious about being a sitting duck. 

So, this morning, I was practicing my speech for Sunday & one of the lines *I wrote* says, "When I feel unqualified or not good enough, I love reading what the Lord says about me." Then I thought, "Well, when I feel unsettled or anxious, I should read His promises!" So, after finishing my devotional (currently using Annie F. Downs' 100 Days to Brave) I looked up scriptures of His promises. 

He says that He will fight for me, that He will give me strength, that He will help, guide and comfort me. I felt a peace wash over me and then it got more personal. "I have called you to lead. I have given you a heart for youth. I have set you free. I am with you, I love you and you will fulfill prophecies." 

Anxiety ceases when promises are proclaimed. 

My 2018 word is "Focus." Focus on God, my passion, selflessness and preparing for the future. I cannot focus when I'm anxious, so I wrote down the scripture promises and the personal promises and have them in my planner so I have to look at them every day. 

Growing up and still to this day, my biggest pet peeve is empty promises. Like, I would rather you not say anything than say something and not follow through. I'm so thankful that God's promises are concrete, never changing and consistent. It's such a source of security. 

This year, I'll be focusing on God's promises and I'm very excited for what's to come from those! 

Oh, and consistency *eye roll* I have to get better at that.