Back to... Hearts & Rockets.

 When I started using the phrase "Hearts & Rockets" in 2012, it was my own version of just "going for it" in life. Loving hard and shooting for the stars no matter what that meant. I would dance in the streets and sing as loud as I possibly could to the radio with the windows down. I'm getting that back. As I write this, which is taking me a lot longer than it should and I feel so distracted and zoned out, I'm thankful that the Lord always has His hand in my story, my NYC apartment and incredible husband are proof that God loves me no matter what and trust me, He feels the same toward you. 

The back to school season was so dreadful when I was in school, but now it feels like a fresh start. The fall always feels so refreshing to me, so I'm going back to Hearts and Rockets. To vulnerability and transparency, no matter what. Also, back to writing... I used to write every day (hence, the way Hearts and Rockets happened) and now I barely do it at all. 

Have you ever forgotten a passion for a moment? Reclaim it with me this season. 

Grab your copy of Hearts & Rockets - let's go for it!

Hearts & Rockets,

Ainsley B.