3 Gift Ideas for Grads!

3 Gift Ideas for Grads:

Oh man. I vividly remember Graduation Day. I was so excited and felt totally invincible to what was ahead in life. I was about to move to Baton Rouge with my best friend in a beautiful apartment *WITH A POOL* and all of my dreams would come true. What a ride! 

Looking back, I think I managed pretty well on my own, other than the whole school part (yall, go to class. for real). So, here are the things I suggest giving the Grad in your life:

  1. Hearts & Rockets - I learned so much about my walk with the Lord through devotionals in college. Through a transition period in life, it’s crucial to cling to the Lord. And if you thought I was going to go through this list and not put this book on here, you’re just silly. ;). I wrote Hearts & Rockets through a transitional period (some of which was written during my first year in college!) & it won’t break the bank!
  2. Money - This one is pretty self explanatory. All college kids need money haha. Maybe use it as a bookmark in H&R! 
  3. Self care items to manage stress - Finals aren’t the only stressful part of starting college. New friends, impressions and adjustments can be a lot to handle! I suggest filling their arms with lots of self care tools. Here are my favorites:
    1. Soothing Candle
    2. Spa in a box - face masks, nail polish, maybe even a Birchbox subscription!
    3. Planner - staying organized is key!!

I hope this list helps! Enjoy the ride, Grads! Life is amazing and your world is about to get SO MUCH BIGGER :)


hearts & rockets,

Ainsley B.