Happy Birthday H & R!

12 Things I love about Hearts & Rockets...

For every month Hearts & Rockets has existed, I want to share what gives me the warm and fuzzies...

1. Your book selfies! Hands down my very favorite thing about sharing this book with yall!

2. It's not in my comfort zone. I love writing and creating, but this was a whole new thing to tackle and I love that it challenged me.

3. It's super cute. I took the cover photo in Colorado (my favorite place duh) and my best friend Whitney designed everything. Isn't she amazing!?

4. When you give a copy to someone else. Sharing is caring and Jesus shared so we should too.

5. It chronicles my journey of growth in my personal and spiritual life. It's so encouraging to look back on passages and see how things have come full circle!  

6. The simple fact that I can say "I am an author"  - that's pretty cool 

7.  I love that it's for anyone in a season of change or transition. Generally speaking, I would recommend it for teens or young adults, but really, the Lord can speak to us in any stage of life through anything!  

8.  The idea of Hearts and Rockets has been my thing since I graduated high school and I love that it's still something I cling to. Loving hard and shooting for the stars. 

9. It's easy to travel with. I love bringing books on planes but when they're heavy, it's harder to justify bringing them. H&R is light and easy to bring with you.

10. It forced me to be vulnerable. 

11. I get to talk about it with you. Messages, emails and comments oh my! I love hearing your thoughts. 

12. I love celebrating its birthday! I can't believe it's already been a year! Thank you all for buying it and sharing your sweet words of encouragement with me!