I Know a Super Hero

So, I know this person who I swear is a secret super hero. I was watching the Incredibles last night and thought to myself, "I would not be surprised if this person was sneaking out in the night to rescue people and stop crime." My mom raised me as a single mom for 13ish years while going to grad school then working full time. Insane, right? Not only was she working full time, but she was serving communities, mainly working with sexual and physical abuse victims, ya know, helping save their lives... 

One time, we went to see Tim Tebow speak at a church near our house. Yes, I was in heaven, but that's a different story. Before he came out they had a competition for whoever "Tebowed" the best. Being super competitive, she was picked to go on stage and long story short, I think I mooned the audience jumping up and down yelling for her, but she won an autographed football! My immediate assumption was, "I'M GOING TO HAVE AN AUTOGRAPHED FOOTBALL IN MY ROOM YAY MOM I LOVE YOU!" Nope... she used it to further the mission of Hearts of Hope and gained attention to that issue by having it at an event and giving it away to someone deserving. 

So, I'm pretty sure she's a secret super hero. Acadiana took notice and nominated her for a community hero award, so I'm pretty proud. I would love love love to have your vote for Jill Dugas.

Here is the link: https://acadianahero.com/vote.php