I'll never forget a moment with Jesus, two days after I experienced my first real heartbreak. It was one of those lose your appetite, can't get out of bed, questioning your entire future kind of heartbreaks and it was so incredibly painful. However, because God is good, He reminded me of some things. 

I was driving around Nashville, seeing all of the familiar places that suddenly had memories like ghosts dancing around them, as I faced a new reality.

Remembering that the only way to heal is with Jesus, I turned on worship music and all of the sudden I began weeping. It was like breaking the silence of sadness with worship broke the enemy’s lies and a river washed over me. I lost my words and all I could do was say, "Freedom." As I pulled over because my own tears clouded my vision, "Freedom" was the only word I could muster and my arms seemed to raise themselves without my knowledge (good thing I pulled over!) and for a solid 5 minutes, I repeated, "Freedom."

Freedom from being mistreated and manipulated. Freedom from my old self.

Freedom from the grip of negative comments on social media.

You see, unhealthy relationships lead to unhealthy heartbreak and the only way to break that is with Jesus and His radical healing. As I type this I glance down at my ring finger where a shiny diamond sits as proof of God's healing and ultimately God's promise and plan for my life unfolding with a healthy, God-centered relationship to my future, super handsome husband. ;)


I felt like my heart was perfectly articulating what my whole body was feeling and when Jesus moves, He moves in such a might and powerful way, some times you don't even know what's happening. 

After that day I was so alive in Christ, I was a completely new person and it was the most refreshing experience I've ever felt. Just me & Jesus, driving around Nashville. 

I'll never forget that day.. and all I could say was "FREEDOM."