Morning Routine

I've been asked once or twice about how to do my hair and make up, which I honestly don't know well enough to do a tutorial ha, but the other day I was asked about my morning routine, so I figured I'd chat about that today. 

I'm NOT a morning person by any means. If I don't sleep enough, it's just not a pretty sight, but alas I've developed a peaceful morning routine that I look forward to, no matter what time it is in the AM. 

I first make a Spark drink (Advocare product, holler if you want to try it or buy it!) which I drink instead of coffee. To get a warm, cozy feel in the morning, I sometimes drink hot water or a decaf tea if I'm in the mood. I put on my audio reading of the Bible (found on the YouVersion app) and check my planner for what I have to do that day. I usually feel fresh and most clear minded in the morning (after my routine) so I either write or plan what I need to accomplish in the near future. Writing your goals down will make you more likely to achieve them. 

Once I feel organized & prepared for the day, I hit the ground running with my To-Do list, whether it's work, the gym, writing, etc. I get to it! 

Happy Days, Y'all!


Hearts & Rockets,