The BCBG miracle

I was walking down 5th Ave. after a Barre Burn class. I was sweaty, had rosy cheeks with frazzled hair and no make up on. If you know me, you know that I can't walk past BCBG without just taking a peek, so in I went. After all, it was wedding season and maybe they had a white dress on sale for a shower or something?

I was greeted by Lexi who was one of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen. Her flawless black skin was framed by a low ponytail and the whitest smile appeared on her face. As she sorted items, she told me to let her know if I needed help with anything. 

I knew BCBG stylists work on commission, so I was adamant about finding my own items and not needing any help. Of course, when you show up in the frazzled state I was in, I wasn't a hot target for big spending anyway. 

I found a couple of items and made my way to the dressing room. She let me in and we made small talk. "I really don't need anything at all, I just love coming in so I decided to pop by." I asked her opinion on the first thing I tried on and she said that it was cute, but she thinks she has something that would work for my body type. I let her bring over a dress. She brought a long sleeve lace white dress that wasn't so impressive on the hanger but ended up fitting like a glove. As she brought some heels over and helped me put them on, she noticed my foot tattoo which reads Hebrews 11:1. She asked what the quote was and I told her the verse. Mind you, my first tattoo doesn't look that great. Some even think it's a barcode. The font is bleeding together and I'm the least proud of that one, but it's usually covered up. I said, "Oh it's just a Bible verse. Hebrews 11:1" She picked her head up and said, "Really? I have a favorite BIble verse!" This was NOT the response I'd heard before in NYC - most people just say "oh" and it gets awkward for a second.

She grabbed her phone and read it to me. I'm pretty sure she read an entire chapter but the more she read the more my spirit felt the Lord urge a conversation with Lexi. I asked her what it meant to her and she said, "Well, I found it as my very last option of hope. I recently hit rock bottom and it really makes me feel good." I replied, "I'm so sorry to hear that but I'm so glad you've found some hope! Do you, have a church here?" She shook her head no and another coworker walked up. "Hey Lex, you can go home now, I'll take over."  Apparently, her shift was over so I quickly asked if she'd like to come to church and got her number. After the new girl was SUPER pushy and salesy, I grabbed my dress and bolted.

Over text, Lexi agreed to come to church with me. "Hillsong at the PlayStation Theater, 10 am." On my way there, I asked the Lord, "She said she recently hit rock bottom. What is her rock bottom, Lord?" All I heard was "her mom". That wasn't much to work with but I said, "ok..." When I found my seat next to her during worship, I felt the urge to ask about her mom. I leaned over and said, "This might be really weird since we just met and I know worship is starting but is there something going on with your mom?" Her mouth dropped and her eyes got huge, total shock was written all over her face and I was so nervous I said something wrong. Tears started streaming down her face as she looked at me & said, "How did you know?" I started to stutter because now I'm in shock too and she wept, "She was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and doesn't have long to live. How did you know? How did you know?" I explained that the Lord just told me on my way to church and asked to pray for her.  At this point, mind you, I'm crying too so we are both crying, sitting down in our seats while everyone around us is standing in worship. It was a moment I'd never forget as we held hands and went to the throne room together.

We kept up over text for weeks to come and our schedules never allowed us to meet up again, sadly, a few months later, her mom passed, but Lexi found strength in the Lord and continues to find Bible verses she loves and talks to God. I randomly pop into BCBG when I can, but she was never there. It's mind blowing how the Lord will use you, even when you're not ready. 

So often I only feel like the Lord uses people who are put together and beautiful or are in an amazing place in their walk with Him, but not that day, yall! I'll never forget sweet Lexi and I pray for such incredible, unexpected encounters as that day in my life and in yours. I LOVE that the Lord was like, "Oh you don't feel like being a witness? Too bad, love ya here we go!" haha 

Look for an opportunity to share God's love, even when you feel too imperfect for the Lord to use you... 



(Spoiler: Turns out the dress Lexi picked is Justin's favorite dress of mine and the one I wore to find my wedding dress!)