Found in the Fall...

I stepped outside this morning and felt the most crisp breeze grace my face and move the whispys in my hair to tickle my cheek. It's that time of year that I love and hate. I love the warm apple ciders, but hate that it's only a precursor to Winter. I love the scarves and sweaters, but hate that I'll have to layer and unlayer during my commute to work because the subway is a giant microwave when you're wrapped in your heavy coat. This time of year always touches the softest part of my heart because it was Fall when I first moved to Nashville. It was also the first time I'd ever felt a real Fall, being that it's summer until December 31st in Louisiana.

I remember walking outside of my Bellevue apartment with my new pitbull/boxer mix and going on endless walks on the hiking trails about 2 miles from my door. Francis Chan podcasts started many of our fall mornings and we soon knew the trails like the back of our hand/paw. I still very much cherish these mornings, because I learned so much about myself and Jesus during my first year in Nashville. I became painfully self aware of my strengths and weaknesses. Living alone left a lot of time for self reflection and figuring out how to navigate a new city and all sorts of new responsibilities (like what is rent and why are you trusting me to pay this every single month?), at the ripe age of 19. I had one year of college under my belt, which consisted of....little to no studying, so that's an indication of how that went... and I just up and moved to a new city!?! Who did I think I was? I still think back and I'm like, "Lord, what on Earth made me obey your calling this one time versus all the other times I knew I heard you knocking?" Regardless, I'm so glad I did.

Every year I look back and think of my very first Fall in Nashville and how much has happened within the years between now and then. Wow. Growing up is such an adventure. As the seasons change, I'm reminded of the change within myself. The self love I worked so tirelessly to discover, the nights I spent hours crying on my dog (who slept with me every night and hogged the bed, which I know now was preparation for marriage)  and going to random churches alone until I found my fit (Thanks, Ekklesia crew).  I don't love the fall for pumpkin spice lattes (I prefer an almond milk mint mocha) - I love it for the transitions it's seen me though. From single in Nashville to married in New York City, I can only imagine what the next year has in store. Happy Fall, Yall!

What's your favorite part of fall?