Happy July!

Wow, how did July get here so fast? Are we really that far into summer already? Grown up summers are way shorter than youth summers. I was thinking earlier today how much I miss being able to go to camp as a kid or when I was a camp counselor. I mean y'all, I LOVED summer camps. Any and all pretty much, I was all about them. Being outside, learning new things, creating tech-free relationships, etc. I was also talking with my friend recently about how he and his wife invited a friend of theirs to their house to hang out and that friend was on her phone the whole time. It made them feel like there wasn't authentic relationship building. I know it's cliche to say that we need to work on being social off line, but it's still true. At dinner I always have my phone near by, just in case, but what really is so important than being intentional with the person I'm with at the moment? Nothing really.. Comment with stories of fun, intentional friendships and activities you do!! XO!