Of all of the adjectives used to describe New York City, busy is probably the top one, or it's certainly in the top 3. The people watching here is absolutely the greatest ever. I could probably sit in the corner of a cafe or restaurant all day just watching and wondering where these people have been, where they're going and hoping that they are happy and find a little joy today. I wonder how they view the world, each other and through which lens they're looking through today. Joy, Anger, Worry, etc. It's crazy how crucial each person is to the world. Everyone has a purpose and a plan, yet not everyone pursues their passions and many potential and purposes are wasted, thrown out with the trash. It's more prevalent in NYC to me, because I'm constantly surrounded by different people, fashions, expressions and stories. I wonder what they're doing with what they're equipped with? What are you doing with your passions and purpose? Your life matters. You have a plan and a purpose. Just walk in it :).