I brought a toilet paper roll on my first class flight....10/29/15

I brought a toilet paper roll on a flight as I ride first class....

Why? Let me back up. 

I was presented a great opportunity, so as any 20 something would do, I called my mom to tell her the news. Let me say this: Never in my life have I only had to make ONE call when something/anything happened in life, good or bad. Always 3. 3 calls, no matter what.

Me - "Mom, I got on the Dean's list at Belmont!"

Mom -"That's amazing! I'm so proud of you! Did you call Grandmother & Poppa yet??"

Then, I proceed, making sure none of my 3 miss out on the news. 

So, I told my mom about said opportunity. Then called Grandmother who replied with a congrats & to be sure to call Poppa. 

As I walked home in the hustle & bustle of NYC, I decided to wait. 

The next day I was at work late in the evening & decided to call ole Poppa bear. He was in recovery from knee surgery and was scheduled to be released the next day. He said he felt good and was ready to get to go home. 

That was the last conversation anyone would have with my Poppa. 

There are still so many questions...like,"What the hell happened if he was fine??" I know I should say he's in heaven now, so much happier with Jesus, but I feel selfish and stolen from. My gentle giant, provider, loved & respected by all, Poppa, is laid to rest.

They serve food in first class. They brought the guy beside me fruit with his meal and I got Jambalaya with a side of chocolate cake. I have no appetite, except for chocolate cake. 

Poppa, I'm on my way home, but right now I'm looking for you above the clouds. 

Rest in peace Hurricane. 

Oh, the toilet paper? I didn't have any tissues at my apartment and knew I'd be crying the whole way home so, I grabbed what I had. 

Also, I only rode first class because there weren't any other seats available on the first flight out. I'm not normally fancy.