Step of faith

I was at church Tuesday at The Belonging in Nashville and one of the points Alex emphasized was  how often we're taught solely from the lessons learned by other people's journeys, rather than our own personal struggles and hearing from the Lord. It reminded me how often I cling to other people's stories or lessons that ended up in a fairy tail hoping and praying that mine will too. In all areas, not just one. Me: "So, how did you accomplish starting a non-profit and maintaining a full time job?" (listens to story and hopes my life takes the exact path instead of creating my own story of success) Me again: "So, what's your love story?" etc. it goes on and on. It's so much more rewarding when you take the time to learn the lessons or experience every part of a situation, good and bad, because growth happens and it has a lot of potential to grow your relationship with the Lord. However, the first step in creating your own story, is taking the first step. We can't cower behind the phrase, "I'm praying about that" and use it as an excuse to wait out our dreams and decisions. God is with you and will direct you, but you have to take a step of faith to truly experience all that God can protect and provide for your life and your story. Isn't it so frustrating to not always be like, "okay God, do I stay in Nashville or move to NYC?" and he sends down a dove with a letter that says, "NYC" and then it would be that easy? Not to mention you'd get letters from God which is cool. But remember in the Bible when Jesus would answer so many questions with a question? so it's more like, "okay God, do I stay in Nashville or move to NYC?" and God says, "I will be with you and guide you." and then you're like, "So......NYC then?" haha I find myself in that situation often, but all I know is that I have to make a move and if he shuts the door, then it's not meant to be and if I can keep walking through, then great! He's guiding my paths always! (and yours). This may not make sense to anyone but me, but it was on my mind lately :)